Adaptiva 2018 Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey

Executive Summary

This year, Adaptiva surveyed more than 400 IT professionals for our annual Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey. The 2018 report reveals key Windows 10 deployment trends and other findings on topics such as rate of adoption, challenges, and benefits associated with Microsoft’s latest operating system. The findings also reflect a cross-industry perspective of today’s IT managers, administrators, and executives.

Over a third of the respondents are from large enterprises of over 10,000 endpoints and a full two-thirds work at companies with more than 1,000. Nearly all of them are actively engaged in the process of moving their organization to Windows 10.

Through the survey, Adaptiva learned that the pace of business migration to Windows 10 is robust. While respondents indicate strong momentum overall, the migration process is not happening as rapidly as companies had projected in our 2017 Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey. This is due to a combination of factors, including the time migration takes, staff size, and cost. Many respondents expect their migration to Windows 10 to require more than a year to complete.

Notably, participants rated security as the most compelling functionality of the new OS and an important driver for Windows 10 migration. Respondents expressed growing confidence in Microsoft’s improved security technologies such as BitLocker and Windows Defender.

The survey also revealed that companies continue to struggle with the amount of work required to deploy and maintain Windows 10. This challenge forces companies to look for new ways to increase deployment efficiencies.

The next year will be a pivotal one for IT as support staff are stretched, time and cost pressures rise, and security threats proliferate. In spite of the challenges, companies are moving to the new OS steadily and successfully. Windows 10 is a hit in the enterprise.

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