On-Demand Webinar: ConfigMgr Third-Party Patching Roundtable

On-Demand Webinar: ConfigMgr Third-Party Patching Roundtable

Enterprises are threatened by the demands of third-party patching. Never before in history have there been so many updates released so frequently. In an era where malware attacks are multiplying, failing to apply patches can put your organization at risk.

In this roundtable webinar, you’ll gain insight into the root of the problem and the modern tools and solutions experts use to solve it.

You'll learn:

  • ConfigMgr patching past, present, and future from MVP Anoop C. Nair.
  • ConfigMgr application supersedence from MVP Harjit Dhaliwal
  • Patching prioritization from industry expert Bob Kelly, Director, Flexera
  • Application security vulnerability patching best practices from MVP Andy Malone.

Learn to go from application update chaos to third-party patching control and security.

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