Webinar: Get Smart on Windows 10 Application Security

Webinar: Get Smart on Windows 10 Application Security

Savvy IT pros know that locking down Windows 10 applications is every bit as crucial as guarding the OS itself. Sami Laiho, leading Windows OS & security expert and Microsoft MVP, helps you master application security in this webinar.

Friday, April 27
9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 6pm CEST

Windows 10 Enterprise brings a wealth of built-in features and tools to protect your applications. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for application security in a Windows 10 enterprise
  • How to eliminate the need for third-party antivirus/antimalware with Windows Defender
  • Why whitelisting is no longer optional, and how to nail it
  • How to leverage Application Guard, Application Control, and Edge browser virtualization
  • The basics of Office 365 Encryption
  • Techniques for saving time securing tens of thousands of endpoints

Plus you’ll get Q&A with Sami—bring your toughest questions. Get smart and become an application security expert.

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