Adaptiva 2019 Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey

Executive Summary

Adaptiva collected data from more than 450 IT professionals for 2019’s edition of our Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey. The annual report tracks key Windows 10 deployment trends such as rate of adoption, challenges, and most compelling features. The respondents come from IT, with the vast majority in system administration and management. They are spread fairly evenly across many verticals.

This year’s survey comes with a sense of urgency as only eight months remain until the end of security updates for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Over a third of the respondents are from enterprises with over 10,000 endpoints and more than half with over 30,000. The organizations are very well aware of the risks of lapsed security updates.

Adaptiva learned that while companies are pressing on steadily with their Windows 10 migrations, a shocking 22% expect to still run Windows 7 past the end of the support date next January. Four in ten expect to have less than half their systems moved to Windows 10 within a year. The implications of this for corporate security are worrisome at best.

The lack of swift progress is due to many factors, including the time migration takes, staff size, and cost. More respondents than ever said that their staff is stretched thin.

Continued support remains the main motivator for organizations to move to Windows 10. Security was the next most-cited reason. Enthusiasm for Windows Defender and identity protection are rising, while interest in features like the touch interface and Cortana are waning slightly.

As companies approach the “red zone” for Windows 7 end of support, many will be looking for ways to speed up large-scale migration efforts. The risk of mass security vulnerabilities may bring about a shift in resources toward accelerating Windows 10 migration projects in the second half of this year.

Accelerate your Windows 10 Deployment

Companies should deploy a complete Windows 10 security strategy on each and every endpoint as systems are migrated to the new OS.

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