Endpoint Management and Security at Scale in a Remote Work Reality

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In large enterprises, a majority of help desk tickets are created due to a handful of issues related to endpoint configurations – missing patches, misconfigured group policy, insufficient disk space, etc. Many of these issues typically require IT staff to physically visit the endpoint to diagnose and remediate the issue – and that’s a problem in our new remote work reality.

In this webinar, learn how Adaptiva Endpoint Health automatically checks the configuration of local or remote endpoints, diagnoses any problems, and remediates any issues. And it does this at massive scale – hundreds of thousands of endpoints – without bandwidth throttling or disrupting business processes. 

You’ll learn how you can:

  • Automate endpoint configuration monitoring and remediation, even over VPNs
  • Respond to new issues and threats in real time and at scale
  • Easily create custom checks and remediations for your environment

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James Pitcher

James Pitcher
Director of Global Support

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