Supercharging Software Delivery for Remote Endpoints

On-demand webinar

Join us to see how OneSite Cloud can supercharge software delivery and ensure updates and patches get to all your endpoints – even remote endpoints - without disrupting business traffic. OneSite Cloud also offloads VPN and WAN software delivery traffic through the included Adaptiva CDN and internet P2P, eliminating egress costs and saving precious bandwidth.

You’ll see:

  • A OneSite Cloud demo with a new web-based UI and dashboards
  • How OneSite Cloud dramatically reduces VPN load by leveraging consumer internet
  • How OneSite Cloud uses P2P over the internet and a built-in CDN (or Azure) to deliver content to remote endpoints
  • How OneSite works with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Intune, and VMware Workspace ONE


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James Pitcher

Gary Walker
Director, Strategic Engagements

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