Webinar: Wrangling Windows 10 Security with ConfigMgr

Webinar: Wrangling Windows 10 Security with ConfigMgr

Today’s ConfigMgr admins are herding so many Windows 10 endpoints it’s tough to keep them all secure. If a prowling cyberattacker pounces on just one vulnerable machine, they can wipe out your entire ranch.

In this webinar, Microsoft MVPs Paul Winstanley and Maurice Daly will help you keep your devices safe in a rough-and-tumble IT landscape. Improve your protection with expert advice on:
  • Security feature management with ConfigMgr (and Intune) 
  • Servicing and patching 
  • Windows Defender Suite feature management 
  • Configuration baselines for security 
  • Encryption, BIOS security, third-party patching, Windows Defender Application Control, and much more 
Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
9am PST / 12PM EST / 5PM GMT

Bring your toughest security questions along for the live Q&A with Paul and Maurice!

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